Preventative Maintenance

We believe that everyone deserves the very best service available. That's why we suggest a proactive Preventative Maintenance program.

We continually invest in the tools and training necessary to remain at the top of our field. Whether you need help with your heating or cooling system, you can count on Clark Heating & Cooling for the safest, healthiest, most comfortable and efficient solution possible.

Using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and having 38 years of experience in the business, we can solve almost any problem you may experience. In most cases, we will offer you at least three choices when you are considering major repairs or replacement of your heating or cooling system.

We charge by the job, not by the hour. Therefore, you will know the price for most repair or replacement work before we begin the work. No surprises. For your peace of mind, we offer the best maintenance agreements and product warranties in the business. You can always count on us!

We also clean / service Humidifiers and AccuClean systems in our Preventative Maintenance program at an additional cost.

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Furnace Preventative Maintenance

20 Point Maintenance Checklist

  • Test and adjust thermostat
  • Inspect and adjust all safety controls
  • Inspect burners and controls
  • Inspect and adjust pilot assembly
  • Adjust burners for efficiency
  • Inspect belts and adjust tension
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect for cracked heat exchanges
  • Inspect filters
  • Inspect flue pipe and draft divider
  • Inspect fan control
  • Inspect gas pressure
  • Inspect furnace for fumes
  • Inspect electrical connections
  • Replace thermocouple
  • Shutdown central cooling system
  • Inspect sequencers
  • Test amp draw of motors
  • Test complete furnace cycle
  • Make necessary recommendations

Thermocouples are the only replacement part included in the furnace Preventative Maintenance check. All other parts or filters will be an additional charge.

A/C Preventative Maintenance

15 Point Maintenance Checklist

  • Test refrigerant pressure
  • Test voltage and amperage to all motors
  • Inspect refrigerant system for possible leaks
  • Test evaporator superheat
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect belts and adjust tension
  • Inspect filters
  • Test pressure switch cut-out settings
  • Test electrical lock-out circuit
  • Inspect starting contactor contacts
  • Inspect all wiring and connections
  • Test and adjust thermostat
  • Test air temperature across condenser
  • Inspect condensate drain line
  • Test air temperature drops across evaporator coil
  • Make necessary recommendations
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